Strange Things Are Growing In The Sewer

This morning as I sat down at work with my cup of coffee in front of me the video you see below popped up before my eyes. Needless to say my entire day has been ruined. Now I’m going to first say that I’m not sure who posted this and it very well could be some sort of viral campaign for a movie or god knows what that hasn’t been announced yet. But putting all that aside what you see is a video capture from a camera set up in a sewer where some sort of “unknown life form” is living. There’s three of these little hanging blobs that look almost like hearts. Wait it gets better, they seem to sort of throb around and the third one even seems to have a sort of nail shooting out of it. Good luck keeping your lunch down.

What do you guys think? Some sort of weird fecal ball sack or hoax? Either way I feel ill.


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