Snapshot: Sir Christopher Lee in "Dracula"

When I think of early iconic horror, I can't help but think of Sir Christopher Lee. I always thought this photo was the perfect emulation of him: Stoic, Classy, Well Spoken and Intelligent (Like me *burp*) - this is one of many photos that manages to convey that, with nothing more than a simple pose.

An icon of not only horror, his resume of films covers a range of genres spread over a lifetime, and his achievements were honored (or "honoured" as you weirdos across the pond would say) by the British Academy of Film, television and Arts with the Fellowship Award (similar to the Lifetime Achievement Award here in the states). You can view his acceptance speech, and the presentation of the award by Tim Burton here:

While it breaks my heart to see him so frail, his voice would lead you to believe he is anything but.

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