Snapshot: "Satan I " by H. R. Giger

Happy 70th Birthday H.R. Giger!

His production design on "Alien" is a landmark in cinema; but his footprint is all over the rock world as well, from the cover of Emerson Lake and Palmer's 1973 album "Brain Salad Surgery" to Jonathan Davis' mic stand. In 1983, Tom Gabriel Fischer aka Tom G. Warrior, then of Hellhammer asked Giger if he'd like to collaborate on a project. Giger offered the band, free of charge, his painting "Satan I" as well as another work (Victory III) provided they never attempt to merchandise them beyond the album artwork.. Hellhammer became Celtic Frost and eventually the two Giger works graced the cover and insert of their album "To Mega Therion". Over the years many of Celtic Frost's business associates tried to tap the cover art for t-shirts and other revenue opportunities, but Fischer held firm to his promise. In 2006, in honor of a promise kept, Giger did finally allow for a "To Mega Therion" shirt to be produced with his artwork on it.

1985 was a big year for Giger and album art. His "Landscape XX" or "Penis Landscape" caused a big stir when it was used as the foldout of the Dead Kennedys album "Frankenchrist". That one ended with an obscenity trial.