Snapshot: New "Scream 4" photos released!

In 1996 Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson brought us "Scream," a smart and satirical slasher flick that hailed positive reviews from critics and horror fans alike. Fifteen years later, they are attempting to do another round, in the fourth installment of the "Scream" series, "Scream 4," or "Scre4m" if you will. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette reprise their original roles as they become integrated with a whole new cast of young actors, such as Emma Roberts, as seen in the above all new snapshot from the film. Hayden Panettierre, Rory Culkin, Anna Paquin, Alison Brie and Kristen Bell are also on board. "Scream 4" is scheduled to be released April 15, 2011.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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