Snapshot: "Ice Cream Man" (1995)

Directed by veteran porn guru Paul Norman, the 1995 Clint Howard horror opus "Ice Cream Man" ranks as one of my all-time favorites, though my enjoyment of the picture has absolutely nothing to do with quality. It's cheap, it's stupid, it features a skinny kid in a pathetically obvious fat suit -- in other words, it's beyond fantastic. Howard stars as the titular killer, a deranged mental patient who frequently murders his customers and stashes their mutilated body parts inside his ice cream truck. Cameos abound, including Jan-Michael Vincent, David Naughton, Olivia Hussey, Sandahl Bergman, and former "People's Court" host Doug Llewelyn. As you can tell from the image embedded above, this one isn't meant to be taken seriously. Z-grade silliness at its finest.



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