Slayer Christmas Lights, System of a Down and More News Updates!

Okay, kicking off things off as we careen into the holiday season, check the video!

Okay, there are a number of things that make this unspeakably awesome, but chief among them is the realization upon reflection that this could have only come about from a Slayer fan. First off, you had to have someone who may have been an outcast, looked down upon or been socially awkward from the get go, and therefore may have turned to a career of engineering! Good bet that guy (or gal,) might be a Slayer fan. Second, you had to have someone who could look at the similar TSO "Wizards in Winter" video that went viral a couple years back and say "F*ck THAT!" A Slayer fan would do that. Third, you had to have someone with the single minded-determination and a dogged love for a band/song that would drive them to create this. Slayer fans. Sweet.

Now, is it better than the "Slayer Goes to Church" video? I don't know. Weigh in on that in the comments.

Okay, moving on!

System of a Down has posted tour dates! Looks like tough rocks if you're living Stateside, but the European community will get a few chances to see them, as well as the UK fan base. Seems in the press release that the band has no permanent plan to reunite, but decided a short tour next summer might be a nice trip down memory lane. You never know, these types of things have a tendency to blossom into something larger (see: Soundgarden.)

The Black Dots of Death have a new video out for their single "Let's get F*cked Up." The band featured Slipknot veteran Clown, and is purportedly waging a war on the status quo! Along with the video release, they pumped out a tune by the name of "Standing Alone" which you can catch on their website. I'm not entirely certain what's going on in that video, but hell, it's distracting.

Insane Clown Posse, those lovable scamps, are actually using their powers for good! The allegedly dynamic duo is taking a moment to help out kids in need this Christmas, which is assuredly a noble cause that will allow us to momentarily put aside our differences. ICP and Psychopathic Records are sponsoring a first of its kind "Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive" between now and January 31st, 2011. All donations can be made at any ICP show, or you can mail in a new toy or winter clothing item to "Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive, P.O. Box 620, Farmington, MI 48332." Include your name and address and ICP and Psychopathic will mail you their exclusive "Holiday Heat" CD, featuring 15 cuts from ICP and other Psychopathic artists. You can then give that CD to the coworker you don't like who you normally would never give a gift to, but you drew their name and are bound by the draconian edicts of the office "Secret Santa" ritual.

From the not-really-related-and-sort-of-out-of-left-field-department, anyone been keeping up with these Thirty Seconds to Mars videos corresponding with their new album singles? They're pretty high end production considering they're more or less extended music videos (that aren't entirely SFW, so tread with caution.) They're not turning me into a fan or anything, but a friend linked me to a couple and they're a curious watch.


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