Site News, Tattoos and Back Episodes of the Podcast!

A week off for most people means the beach, or a five day drinking binge. Lucky for me, I have two jobs, so any time off from my "real" one just means I get to spend more time tinkering around with this site. In the past week, I've been pretty busy, and want to share a few things.

First, a warning. In the coming weeks, the site is going to undergo some general layout changes and may appear wonky at times. This is partly an effort to fix nagging issues that have bothered Eric and I since the initial redesign in March of 2008, but also to work in some more advertising space. When we became a part of the Spike Guys TRiBE anchored by last year, we were up front about alerting you guys to changes, and we're dedicated to that promise. Trust that we will be taking every necessary step to make sure that Bloody Good Horror doesn't end up a mess like some horror sites that are practically inoperable because of advertising. It's a necessary evil for us, but not one that we'll allow to compromise the positive experience we aim to provide on this site.

Secondly, we have received constant requests for back episodes of the podcast ever since we began disabling old episodes for bandwidth reasons. After months of teasing, we're finally ready to announce Bloody Good Horror Classic. Basically, hosting an entire back catalog is far too costly for us, but we still want to give you guys what you've requested, so we will be periodically posting the most often requested episodes for download. All we ask of you in return is to send a donation or sign up for Netflix (which you can do for free!) to ensure that we can continue to post back episodes. We have discussed options for uploading our entire back catalog eventually, but for right now we feel this is the best way to offer up some of the goods without totally losing our ass. Based on your feedback, it seems that the podcast is just as important to you as it is to us, and we couldn't be happier for that! Our first Bloody Good Horror Classic is Episode 23, where we tackle the "Prom Night" remake and Schnaars and Eric duke it out for the very first time, setting the stage for many a homoerotic breakup/makeup of the Bloody Good Horror power couple.

Lastly, Eric suggested that I post a picture of my new tattoo, which you can see here. It's the second in a series of three tattoos that illustrate a portion of T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", matched with a luchador of appropriate character. If that sounds strange to you, it should, but if you're on a horror site, you too are probably a bit strange, no? Anyways, I'm quite happy with it, and I'll likely be getting it filled out early this fall once my wallet recovers from a litany of summer weddings and birthdays. I'm not the manliest dude in the world, but who wants to suffer the indignity of a half-shaven leg twice in one summer? Not this guy!

If you made it this far, consider this a pat on the back and hopefully you'll stick around for many more updates as Bloody Good Horror grows!


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