Short Film: "X Marks The Spot"

I've wanted to mention this film since the moment the writer, Tammy Dupal of Twisted Central Productions, showed it to me. I have teased my friends for years about their obsessive Facebook posting, 4 Square check-ins & location taggings, saying it simply tells people when they're not at home so we can take their shit. Although I've half joked, I never thought it was a good idea to tell people where you are. I'm also grateful we did NOT have these things when I was a teenager.

Twisted Central took it one step further, presenting the concept of a random stranger just having his stalking job made that much easier. When you tell people exactly where you are....don't be surprised if they come find you.

The film was directed by Travis Legge of Aegis Studio's, & was filmed in Rockford, Il. It's a great, quick film with a lot of atmosphere. Maybe it'll make you think twice before you check in at the college library at 2am?

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