Share Your Favorite Midnight Movie Memories

Inspired by yesterday's review of "Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream", I thought I'd open up some discussion on your best/worst experience at midnight showings of movies. So BGH readers, let me have it. What's some of the best/worst/craziest things to have happened to you at a midnight showing?

Best: "Friday the 13th: Part 13". This was two years ago before "My Bloody Valentine 3D" kicked off the modern 3D revival. Not only was this one of my first midnight movies, it was my first 3D film. And it was awesome. The audience was totally into the gimmick of the film and really elevated it to the next level. Sadly, no other 3D movie has ever come close to this.

Worst: This will come as a surprise given my avatar, but "The Evil Dead". This has nothing to do with the movie however. Crowds at midnight movies always walk a fine line between being awesome and adding to the experience and being obnoxious and detracting from the overall experience. This night I just happened to get stuck next to the drunk dude who thought he was hilarious. He wasn't. This does go to show how not every movie can be a midnight movie though. A movie like the original "Evil Dead" is great on it's own legs. It doesn't need a crowd to make it better.

Craziest: Being in a theater that raffled off a 25 lb. block of ice during "John Carpenter's The Thing". Might have been the strangest giveaway I've ever seen, yet awesome.



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