Scare With A Care at Mansion of Terror

Down here in Texas, we will probably have to wait until late October before we start feeling the awesomeness that is Autumn, but thankfully, we don't have to wait for Halloween. It's haunted house season ya'll!

With temperatures down and wallets tight, why not get the best scare for your buck? Located in Texas between Round Rock and North Austin, "Mansion of Terror" is rated #1 in the nation by Lionsgate films.

They boast two new haunted attractions, "Blood Frenzy 2-- Raining Blood," you walk through a killer's house while getting soaked in blood (ponchos are sold at the door for $1.00) and "Death Asylum: Zombie Carnage," something strange has happened and now you must run from zombies.

Also, with charity and greenness en vogue, why shouldn't your scare go elsewhere? Patronage to The Mansion of Terror benefits eight non-profit charities. Admission is $15 and the houses last around two hours.

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