Rob Zombie: Movie Director, Musician....Woollite Salesman?

When you think laundry detergents, you tend to think of a certain snuggly bear or happy moms fighting grass stains - not Rob Zombie. And while I'm not entirely clear on WHY he did this, I can certainly say I love it.

This is part of a Woolite advertising campaign dubbed "The Torturer", where it's suggesting that other detergents torture your clothes. And true to Zombie's style, he brings the creepy factor to even the most mundane of items. The video definitely gave off a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe, or really any movie that incorporates a run down house in the middle of nowhere inhabited by murderous nut jobs. But check it out - maybe this will start a trend of horror commercials that don't involve happy housewives you want to punch in the face.

That Ghoul Eva


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