Roadshow Screenings of "DeadGirl" This Weekend

This Friday and Saturday there will be Midnight Roadshow screenings of “DeadGirl” in Seattle, Chicago, LA, St. Louis, New York, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Also, director Marcel Sarmiento will be in Austin for a Q&A on the 24th and in Dallas on the 25th so if you live nearby it would be a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal. For ticket purchase and details, visit the film's official site.

"Deadgirl" has been compared to the likes of Cronenberg and Romero as it tells the story of two teens who find a girl strapped to a gurney in the basement of an abandoned mental hospital. Tension rises between the two as one of them wants to free her, while the other wants to fuck her, but soon it is revealed that she isn’t what she appears to be.



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