Retro Trailer: "The Initiation" (1984)

Daphne Zuniga (of Melrose Place fame) stars as Kelly Fairchild, a college co-ed who is currently pledging a sorority at her local college. The annual initiation prank requires Kelly and 3 other pledges to break into the local mall after hours to steal the security guard's uniform. As the Slasher God's would have it, a killer is on the loose! Mix in scenes from Kelly's recurring childhood nightmare, a mental asylum and a student/professor relationship and you get the perfect recipe for a slightly better than average slasher flick. Although it's hard to ignore the fact that the film feels an awful lot like a "Halloween" copycat, right down to the point of view camera shots and the score, there's also a lot to enjoy: a likable cast for the most part, typical 1980's cheese, some genuinely creepy moments and a ridiculous but fun twist ending. It's worth a watch if you're a fan of 80's slashers. This one is available on Netflix Instant Watch. (Trailer is NSFW)



I like horror movies. That is all.

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