Retro Trailer: "Mirror Mirror" (1990)

When shy Goth girl Megan (Rainbow Harvest) moves to a new town with her recently widowed mother (Karen Black), she has a bit of trouble fitting in with her peers. Taunted by her classmates, she does manage to begin a friendship with a two teens from school, Nikki and Ron. While unpacking at her new house, Megan discovers an antique mirror that manages to keep reappearing, even after it is taken out with the trash. Soon Megan finds that the mirror holds the power to grant wishes. For a price, that is... (Insert evil laughter here). Now this is one I haven't seen in ages, but I remember really enjoying it when I was growing up However, as with most movies of this time period, it's pretty doubtful it still holds up today. I think what is most notable to watch for in the trailer is the fact that Megan looks like a cross between several Winona Ryder characters from the same time period; Lydia from "Beetlejuice" and Veronica Sawyer from "Heathers". Am I right?!



I like horror movies. That is all.

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