Retro Trailer: "Evil Bong"

I'm not sure how a gem like this could have come out in 2006 and I completely missed it.

3 college stoners (who bear an uncanny resemblance to some of my high school boyfriends) find an ad for an evil bong (named Eebie). The more they use this bong, the more humanlike characteristics the bong develops, eventually drawing from their very souls!

Not only is this movie loaded with cheese and stoner stereotypes, it's loaded with Full Moon Merchandising! And as we learned from the Almighty Yogurt in Spaceballs, you can never have enough merchandising! So look for every conceivable past Full Moon character, as well as ample screen time of the Full Moon Monster Bra. I REALLY tried to find one of these, for, uh, research purposes, but I seemed to have missed the bus.

If you're still not convinced, how about Tommy Chong as the bong's previous owner, or Bill Mosely as one of the denizens of the evil bong world? You probably have an idea of what you're getting in this movie simply from the title. If it made you giggle because you're an simple minded idiot like me, you'll probably enjoy it. And if not, probably means you have good taste.

That Ghoul Eva