Retro Trailer: "Are You Scared?"

I tend to pride myself on the crazy amounts of crappy horror movies that I can tolerate and most of the time, enjoy. So when I was home sick from work this week, Netflix Instant Watch became my best friend. Unfortunately though, some movies are just so bad, it's hard to find even a few redeeming qualities about them, which is what happened with the low budget thriller "Are You Scared?" Six kidnapped teens wake up in an abandoned factory, only to find out they are contestants on a reality show called, (you guessed it), "Are You Scared?" Unfortunately for them, this reality show is run by a crazy disfigured killer who has no plans of letting them live. The teens find themselves stuck in traps straight out of the "Saw" series, with no chance of getting out. There's a twist ending that would have been interesting, had the characters been sympathetic, but they were so stereotypical and annoying that I actually found myself rooting for the bad guy. If you are a die hard "Saw" fan you may be interested in giving this a shot, if only to see some of the traps. It's available on Netflix Instant Watch if you're feeling brave.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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