Retro Snapshot: "The Killer Must Kill Again"

"The Killer must Kill Again" is an undermentioned 1975 Giallo directed by Luigi Cozzi. It's got all the elements of a classic yellow thriller; sex, violence, sexy violence and J&B Whiskey. Actually, it is short on one big element from the Giallo lexicon, red herrings. This is because from virtually the first frame of the film we are introduced with full face time to the story's gaunt, monastically coiffed killer. His motivations are the stuff of conjecture and that keeps the audience invested in the promise of a revealing finale of some sort. Also of note here is that our killer while looking every bit the part in hairstyle and black attire has chosen to drive a candy-apple red Volkswagen beetle. Color-wise it is seems a pretty obvious choice, but it is one that falls in line with the way Cozzi chose to fill the mis-en-scene (ala Argento) with vibrant representations of the characters' states of mind. All in all this is a very solid film. If you like Giallos and haven't sought this one out, pour your self a short, stiff glass of something amber, unzip the perf on your randy red Netflix envelope and let your eyes fall across Cristina Galbó's delightful young frame as it struggles to escape a black gloved fiend.



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