Retro Snapshot: "Night of the Hunted" 'aka' "La nuit des traquées" (1980)

French filmmaker Jean Rollin is a familiar name to all who enjoy Eurotrash cinema of the 60's, 70's and 80's. His movies often show the hallmarks of lost funding battles and abbreviated shooting schedules; but Rollin also delivers a lot of incredible imagery in the process. It is not uncommon to find deeply impressive visual moments like that shown above side by side with poor acting and incomplete story lines.

Rollin had this to say about the actress pictured above:

"Her role was very difficult to play….I was terribly sorry for Cathy Greiner who took so much trouble for her scene in the film and patiently suffered in the scene of the scissors…."

The rest of Grenier's career would be spent primarily within the French adult film industry. Interestingly, this is the opposite career path of "Night of the Hunted" star and frequent Rollin muse Brigette Lahaie. Lahaie started in hardcore cinema and thanks largely to her memorable performances in Rollin's films became a fixture in the softcore erotica and french horror scenes of the 1980's.

Requiem For Jean Rollin is a nice informative blog if you want to delve deeper his work.