Retro Posters: Killdozer!

When I was a kid, I would wander around the video store, grabbing horror movies that had the coolest VHS covers. In the 80s, that was a hit or miss method of finding a movie - sometimes you'd end up with a gem, other times you'd end up with something totally Connoisseur of Crap worthy. And even though this movie was made-for-tv in the 70s, had I seen this cover, I most certainly would have grabbed it. A killer bulldozer? How sinister! How evil! It's a shame, however, that even with an 'all-star cast", this poster is the most exciting thing about the movie. But something can be said for the hilarity to be had for watching a several tons of machinery louder than a 747 sneak up on people, or run them down at a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour. And the final show down with this monstrosity is a real nail biter! This screen totally captures the excitement!!!

That Ghoul Eva


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