Retro Poster: "Alice, Sweet Alice" (1976)

"Alice, Sweet Alice" is one of those films that manages to still be genuinely disturbing more than thirty years after it's release. When young Karen (Shields) is murdered on the day of her first communion, her sister Alice becomes the prime suspect. The killer, dressed in a yellow rain coat and a plastic mask, continues to terrorize the inhabitants of an apartment building, causing the audience to question if a 12 year old girl can really be capable of murder. The film was released three separate times, under three different titles. In 1976 the film was released under the title "Communion", then again in 1978 as "Alice, Sweet Alice" and finally in 1981 as "Holy Terror." The film is most notable as being Brooke Shields' first acting role, which is what prompted distributors to re-release the film due to her growing popularity.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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