Repo: A Genetic Opera Clip, more confused than ever

I'm generally pretty intrigued by Darren Lynn Bousman's "Repo: A Genetic Opera", his musical horror tale of a future where human organ re-possessors wreak havoc on the drug addicted masses. Any guy that can cast Bill Moseley and Paris Hilton in the same film certainly has my attention.

For Lions Gate's part, they seem very conflicted on the film (probably due to the change in leadership over there, as we've discussed on the show) and it's looking increasingly likely that it will go severely limited and then straight to DVD shelves.

That said, I'm not sure if this clip helps or hurts their cause. While watching it, I kept going back and forth from really loving what I was hearing, to being taken aback by the strong current of douche chills. It's somehow made me love and hate this movie even more than I already did/didn't. Thoughts?

Eric N

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