Re-Animator: The Musical!

Back in 1985, Stuart Gordon created a film that was to become a cult favorite: Re-animator. The film is based on H.P Lovecraft's writings, & chronicled the demented scientist, Herbert West, as he developed a serum that would bring anything dead back to life.

Following a recent trend of cult movie based musicals, the movie has been developed into an opera...a 'very campy and very, very, very, very bloody" opera, directed by Stuart Gordon and with music written by Mark Nutter. The musical opened in March at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, California, and was slated to run through the end of may...but due to popular demand, is now running through August. And if you're wondering "How bloody could this show POSSIBLY be?", well, the first 3 rows are designated 'splash zones' from blood, so audience members lucky enough to sit there should bring waterproof clothing of some kind. Oh, and in case you couldn't figure this part out - no children are allowed.

I hope they take this show on the road, but if you're in the same boat I am, at least you visit their Facebook Page, and watch the be-heading scene from the show!

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