Racist Film Critic Calls “Black Devil Doll” Racist

If you’re trying to make a point that a film is racist you might want to avoid using sentences like:

...although the Internet Movie Database doesn't list anyone with such Jewish-sounding names associated with the project.

But one film critic did just that and more after questioning the claim that the movie “Black Devil Doll” is in association with producers Ostein and Mayberg.

Steve Persall is the movie critic for the St. Petersburg Times and from what I can gather and all around wacky guy. I say that only because his short bio claims that he was "conceived behind a drive-in movie theater." Isn’t that wacky? Well apparently Steve’s sense of humor doesn’t extend to African American voodoo dolls that run around shooting people and screwing porn stars. So just to make sure we’re clear, dry humping behind a movie theater: funny, the movie “Black Devil Doll”: completely offensive.

The whole thing stems from that fact that “Black Devil Doll” recently showed in St. Petersburg Florida, just around the corner from the area that Persall calls home. He wouldn’t mention what theater the film was playing because quote:

That would just send more people to see or protest it, and that might lead to trouble that, honestly, the city doesn't need, in light of its history of racial unease.

The fact that Persall thinks just the mere mention of the location will send the entire city to see the film says a lot about his faith in his community. Apparently the residents are just brain dead zombies that will flock to any happening he mentions. He must have some sort of super powers. He goes on to say that anyone who would be interested in this film already knows where it’s playing. “There's a sturdy grapevine among sickos.” Hmmm... do you think he means us?

So what’s big Steve’s problem with the film? Well he claims the film's trailer displays “gratuitous racism, sexism, gore, nudity and profanity”. To his credit he may be right but that’s not really for me to say. Parsall does go on to address the fact that even though director Jonathan Lewis is black himself, his work is still 100% racist. He must have found some sort of loop hole.

It should also be noted that Parsall hasn’t actually sat down and watched the film, not that I think it would change his mind. I just find it funny that a film critic is putting time into writing an article about a movie he has never seen. It’s like the guys doing a podcast about a movie they’ve never watched, doesn’t really give the opinions expressed much weight.

Steve closes out the article with a short story about his friend Scotty, who apparently gets pretty obnoxious when he drinks. Well one thing usually leads to another and Steve has to try to calm Scotty down at some point during the night. To which good old Scotty usually proclaims “I don’t give a fuck”. But that’s when Steve flips the script on Scotty by telling him “No, man, sometimes you need to give a fuck". Did that just blow your mind? I know whenever I run into a loud drunk I can usually calm them down by trying to make them think with a poignant message. You’re a gentlemen and a scholar, Mr. Persall.

Anyway you can check out the article which is currently posted on Tampabay.com. From the comments it looks like most people don’t really see the harm in the film, which makes me worry that Mr. Parsall and his powers of persuasion are slipping. You can also view the trailer for the film below and let us know what you think. (not recommended for those at work... no, seriously.)


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