Psychedelia and British Mercenaries Abound in "Tank 432" Trailer

Brace yourself. Ben Wheately produced films are coming; and for good reason. After the emergence of both High-Rise and Kill List as critical darlings the man’s name is quickly becoming synonymous with a certain level of artistic quality and gravitas that makes genre fans salivate. However, just because the production company is betting on a Pavlovian response doesn’t mean this isn’t going to be a film worth watching.

 The trailer does a great job of introducing us to the premise of this film and letting us know right out of the gate that this is going to be a group of individuals trapped inside a tank. In fact the alternate title of this film is Belly of the Bulldog in reference to the FV432 tank nicknamed Bulldog. That tells us this is most likely to be a single locate thriller than the grander scale of the latest of Mr. Wheatley’s films.

In fact, 2016 seems to be shaping up as a fantastic year for single room thrillers with both Green Room and 10 Cloverfield Lane both making their mark; could this be another great entry into the genre with first time director Nick Gillespie at the helm? If it’s as tense as the pulse pounding soundtrack and pays off the promise of the psychedelic visuals to a satisfying conclusion; it may well be.




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