PS3 Will Have 3D Games, 360 will follow

In case you missed our My Bloody Valentine 3D podcast, it's my duty to inform you that 3D is in fact the new 2D. After being beat to the punch at this year's Consumer Electronics Show by the PS3 crew, IGN speculates that XBOX360 will be right on their 3D coattails:

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, 3D gaming was all the rage. Well, it was with the PS3. The trend that picked up recently in movie theaters is set to spill over to the videogame world and at least one Xbox 360 game coming out this year will make use of it. You might feel a bit silly wearing those goofy glasses, but when you see the game leaping out of the screen in front of you, we bet you'll change your attitude.

This is extremely exciting for a number of reasons. First of all, "true" 3D gaming has essentially been a pipe dream of gamers since the very beginning of the blips and bloops of the Atari era. Sure, you've had numerous full room simulations and that piece of shit Virtual Boy, but nothing has even come close to the quality of the recent 'RealD 3D' film experiences. Secondly, many of the most popular games of this generation take place in first person, which is the ideal environment for making 3D live up to its promise of immersion. Lastly, gamers have proven that they will wear all sorts of wacky shit for the sake of gaming, so I can imagine they will take to the glasses no problem. I mean, isn't it a foregone conclusion that sunglasses indoors are the mark of coolness? Exactly.

The bells and whistles of 3D are sure to excite many, myself included, but I'm already thinking one step forward. The dorkiest among us have likely seen the video of Johnny Chung Lee's head-tracking VR display for the Wii, but for those who haven't, the video is a must watch. Apparently this fellow works for Microsoft now, so I can only hope that he's part of a super secret team aiming to bring this to the XBOX360. A boy can hope can't he?

Even though virtually everyone in the world is feeling the effects of widespread recession, one can argue that it's a great time to be a total nerd.


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