Promo Site For "Gamer" Offers Virtual Lap Dances!

Finally someone is doing something useful with augmented reality. Sure getting to see a 3D model of the Starship Enterprise was cool for the "Star Trek" movie but let’s face it, a technology hasn’t really made it until it’s got some attention from the porn industry.

Ok so maybe “Gamer” isn’t a porn, but if the film does well I bet there will be a porn remake of it. Let me be the first to offer up the title “Sex Gamer” or how about “Boob Gamer”. But despite the film not having an X rating they have come up with a pretty cool promotion with

The site allows users to get their very own virtual lap dance from one of the High Society Girls. All you need is a web cam, a printer and a IT department that doesn’t check your web history. Anything else you decide to bring to the party is between you and your conscience. Once you’ve proven you’re 18 you can pick your own girl and customize the very special lap dance she does for only you. Trust her, she really sees something special in you. Most guys she just does it for the money but she really likes you. She just needs to take your money so her boss won’t get pissed. Honest.

There isn’t any actual nudity at the site, trust me I looked, but It probably it probably still isn’t safe for work. “Gamer” hits theaters on September 4th. Hopefully by then you’ll be able to come out of your room. Sinner.


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