Prom Night Shot for "R" Rating?

From Bloody Disgusting:

"While on the red carpet for Sony Screen Gems' Prom Night, SpookyDan chatted with director Nelson McCormick, who told us that he specifically shot the film for an R-rating knowing that he would be able to deliver the goods on the DVD. So if you are truly interested in seeing Prom Night… wait for DVD. My personal thought on this is that there won't be much more blood and that, shocking as it may sound, it doesn't really need it. A bad movie is a bad movie. The dance came in at the #1 spot at this past weekend's box office taking in over $20 million."

I didn't want to post this in the news because this film has already caused more than it's fair share of ruckus around these parts, but I did find this story particularly interesting.

In my eyes, if it's true, it's just another example of how this "Unrated Director's Cut" business is ruining my movie going experiences. It's as if going to the theater is no longer the ultimate filmic experience. So if that's the case, why should I continue to go? Well, I have to, but why would you continue to go?

Not only that, but I have to call serious shenanigans that this film could have possibly been shot for an "R" rating. I mean, if it was, than he shot every death in it's entirety twice, because what is in the final cut was very specifically shot to be neutered.

So whose to blame? Is it the MPAA for forcing companies to pander to younger audiences in order to make their money back on these movies, or is it the fault of the DVD distributors for diluting the market with multiple versions of the same film? This case in particular is fascinating because I can't recall another time when this has happened for such a high profile film. I've seen plenty of "R" rated movies turn into "Unrated" cuts, but I've never seen this. To go from "PG-13" to "R" could drastically change the impact of a movie. That said though, I have to agree with the poster above when he says that a bad movie is a bad movie, no matter how violent it is.

So, who knows, maybe there were more nips in this movie than we thought. Just some food for thought.

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