The Instomatic Episode 1 - "Solomon Kane"

For years, Charlie and I have worked together from time to time on podcasts. Back in the day Charlie ran the Movie Fan House and other shows and on occasion, we would team up and have some fun. Recently, Charlie has begun subbing in for us here on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast as well! During these past 8 years however, Charlie and I have always meant to get together and do a show of our own. We've discussed doing a show on monster movies, B-movies and more. Finally, we came up with the perfect formula for the two of us to collaborate on; welcome The Instomatic!

Every two weeks or so, Charlie and I will be diving into the wilds of the Netflix Instant Watch service, digging out nuggets of gold for you, the listener! We'll be staying away from the horror films, instead concentrating on things like Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and more!

In this first episode, we take on the Robert E. Howard based flick, "Solomon Kane" starring James Purefoy and Max Von Sydow!

So strap in and join us on Netflix, for the first episode of The Instomatic!

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