Peter Steele, Lead Singer of Type O Negative, RIP

Type O Negative and Carnivore lead singer Peter Steele passed away Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 at age 48. Spokesmen for the family, label and band have confirmed that Steele died of apparent heart failure.

There's not much I can say in the way of a fitting obituary. I didn't know the man, but I was a huge fan of his talents. Type O Negative is an integral part of American metal history, and Peter Steele was its literally larger than life figurehead. I will listen to his music in appreciative memorium, and I'm glad to say I was privileged enough to have seen the man play live on two occasions. One of the things I will always remember most fondly about Peter is that while the band's live performances were enjoyable, his bold Brooklyn personality always showed through.

This is a terribly sad day for metal fans the world over.

I know it wasn't always the easiest life for Peter. I hope now he's found some peace. You'll be missed, sir. Godspeed.

Please feel free to share your good memories in the comments.


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