Own the Halloween House for the low low price of 1.4 million!

If you've got some change burning a hole in your piggy bank, or you're looking for a house guaranteed to one up that asshole friend of yours that has everything, you're in luck - the iconic house seen in John Carpenter's Halloween is up for sale. It was also used in Father of the Bride, but that's just not as impressive or cool.

The house, which passed for a house in Illinois in the movie, is really located at 500 N Almansor St in Alhambra California, and spots 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 3/4 bathroom. No, I have no idea what a 3/4 bathroom is. I know what a half bath is...maybe it's the same thing, with inflation taken into account.

You can take a look at the
property listing over at Weichert.com, or just leave it up on your work PC to let your coworkers think you're seriously considering it.

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