Online Web Series "Compulsions" Gets 4 Streamy Nominations

I use to hate those people who walk around jibber jabbering about how they don't have a TV and don't even watch shows. Yeah you're all high and mighty now but if you knew what you've missed on the past four seasons of "The Bad Girls Club" you'd cry like a baby you dirty hippy. But now with all these dandy online webisodes sprouting up I'm starting to think a TV isn't 100% necessary after all.

Like the online web series "Compulsions" which has recently received 4 nominations for the 2nd annual Streamy awards. The series revolves around Mark Sandler, a guy stuck with a dull desk job who spends his nights going all nutso on "clients" in order to get crucial nubs of info out of them. What the info is I have no idea but it sounds pretty twisted and the production quality is right up there with any prime time show.

You can check out eight episodes of the series over at and see a full list of nominees for the Streamy Awards here.


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