Old Man Jumps Through Beer Pong Table (and 10 more ways to celebrate Memorial Day)

I was inspired to write this post after seeing a video of an old man jumping through a beer pong table on Deadspin.com yesterday.

After watching the video, I started perusing Youtube's handy dandy pop-up links for related videos, when I realized that there is an endless amount of (mostly) honky related Beer pong hilariousness on Youtube. It also got me thinking, that had my adolescence been going on now (as opposed to in the 90's), than there surely would be so much photographic evidence of me acting like a jackass that securing employment would definitely be impossible. I can't wait until these dipshits go out and try to get jobs.

That said, I'm not calling this a "Top 10" list or anything because let's face it, those lists are kind of bullshit. One man's trash is another man's treasure. So, with that said, here's a list of 11 videos (including the original, old man one) that I found while searching for "Beer Pong Slam Dunk" on Youtube over the last two days. Enjoy them, and remember to drink resp... ah never mind. If these videos are any evidence, you won't listen anyways. So, here it goes folks!

The video that started it all. This is what happens when you invite your divorced father to hang out with you and your frat buddies. Bonus points for anyone who can come up with a good reason as to why he's in his underwear.

I have 5 words for you son, "he just did that shit". Oh, and shouldn't there be some sort of moratorium on white guys ever saying the words "Three Six Mafia"?

Just for the sake of not being sarcastic about everything I do in life, here's just a video of the best beer pong player I have ever seen. Of course, he seems to be practicing with water, so that might have something to do with it.

Here's another serious one. This is a 9,000 cup time lapse game. My only question is, how do you know who won?

And we're back to the ridiculous again with this slam dunk. This one gets posted because of this guy's wanton disregard for the destructification of his friend's parents house. Thanks, dick.
I have no explanation for this video other than that this is what happens when you let honor students play drinking games. Is that water in that chick's cup?
Okay, first off, get a better camera. Second off, I'm beginning to feel alarmed at the hatred these kids have towards their parents' furniture. Check one for the birth control column.
As this video so helpfully proves, It's almost better when the table doesn't break. That way you have a much higher chance of internal injuries. "I think my hip's bleeding" never sounded so funny.
So, this video was half way through before I realized it was facetious, but here's one of guy's doing really easy things with a ball and cup and acting like they're awesome. Props go out to them for being teenagers and actually showing creativity. Imagine that! Stay tuned for the Jordan vs Bird finale for the full effect.
This kid is frigging amazing. What is he like 10?
And finally today we'll close you out with this gem. It has nothing to do with beer pong but there is a drunk minor and Jesus Christ it's funny. Just be thankful you don't have friends like this.

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