No show this week...

Hey guys, unfortunately we had some technical difficulties this weekend so the "Basket Case" show is postponed a week. That gives you a few more days to check it out before we get our go at it.

In the wake of the cancellation, we've made a calender planning shows out for the next 3 months, so this should eliminate confusion and relying on Netflix for the future. So hopefully we should have a few solid months ahead of us without any interruptions.

Also, I know there have been lots of complaints about Itunes not showing that our new shows are up. That's a result of Podomatic, the service we use to syndicate. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, DO NOT USE PODOMATIC. The site is a piece of crap and the service isn't worth the money.

That said, we were paid for a year in advance so I want to make sure to get my full year out of them. Come November, we will be moving to greener pastures. Until then, just make sure to check back to the site for new episodes, and use the direct download links if Itunes is giving you problems. Hell, you should be visiting the site every day anyways!

So keep it real guys, and we'll see you next week with a steaming fresh new episode.

Eric N

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host

Eric is the mad scientist behind the BGH podcast. He enjoys retro games, tiny dogs, eating fiber and anything whimsical.

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