No More Megadeth Coffee

In the midst of a procedure to correct some vertebrae in his neck, preparing for the upcoming Australian tour with Slayer, and with the new album "Endgame" on the way, Dave Mustaine has also taken the time to announce that he's canceling his run of "Black Gold" coffee.

Originally bagged and brewed as a charity fundraiser, you could at one point buy four bags and get a fifth autographed by Mustaine himself. The idea was a joint project of Dave and his wife (he's married? who on earth could tolerate him for that long?) along with Net Worth Coffee Brokers.

Contrary to his usual rudeness, Dave said the idea was a lot of fun to craft and create, and that the Net Worth people make a great product, but that he's looking forward to other exciting ventures. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm disappointed, but I admit I was initially intrigued by the idea. I like to see heavy metal break into everyday culture in interesting ways, and am always happy to see someone take on the megalith that is Starbucks (this being the Northeast, we all know Dunkin' Donuts is the superior chain.) I wonder what's next for Dave and mainstream licensing. Perhaps a "Peace (Piece) Sells..." cheesecake? Or maybe Net Worth can get together with Henry Rollins or Greg Ginn and make a "Black Coffee?"

I believe "Black Gold" is still available through Net Worth's website. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I have no idea if the coffee was any good. Does anyone know?

By the way, early returns on "Endgame" label it technically sound but underwhelming. I guess we'll see for sure in September.


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