No Hope for "Camp Hope"

"Camp Hope," a film about all the fun things that can happen at an indoctrinating Christian summer camp, takes the Jesus thing and makes it angsty. I thought "Jesus Camp" was scary enough, but producer turned writer/director George VanBuskirk thinks he can do it one better by adding Jesse Eisenberg.

The film stars Bruce Davison as a priest, Spencer Treat Clark (the kid from "Unbreakable" and the more recent "Last House on the Left" remake). There is also, everyone's horror sweetheart, Jesse Eisenberg. While he is frontlining every article on this film, he probably only stars in this particular, better-looking-with-ridiculous-voice-over, preview found here and will be scarce in the actual film.

If you are an Eisenberg fan, I would just go watch "The Squid and the Whale," because that way you can get your Eisenberg fix, and you can also see William Baldwin say "brother" about 250 times.



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