Nirvana - Live at Reading

Nirvana headlining the Reading Festival in the UK in 1992 has come to be one of the single most bootlegged gigs of all time. It has been largely regarded as one of the most pivotal moments of Nirvana's career, and quite possibly their best show over their entire career.

It's finally being released on DVD and CD, both as a set and individually. The release on November 3rd contains all twenty five performances from the set list, which spanned the entire length of their career to that point ("Spank Thru" anybody?)

The video has all been color corrected and enhanced, blah blah blah. I'm still not totally sure how good the video quality will be, but I'm still excited, seeing as how this concert was supposed to be one of the consequential moments of one of the most important bands in probably fifty years. I was nine years old when this concert happened, so I've only heard the hype, read the stories and seen the grainy, crappy videos that came from it. It'll be nice to see what all the ruckus was about.

The CD/DVD will also be followed up with a 2-LP release later on in November.


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