Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation

Do you play with dolls? Sure we all do, but most of us try to only do it in the privacy of our own homes or in certain underground clubs where a password is required and you normally end up in a ball gag. But now you can put your sick pastime to work for a greater good. Or if you’re more into animation or painting, that will work too.

“Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation” is the brain child of multi-talented artist and horror fan Mike Schneider. His idea is simple, recreate the film “Night of the Living Dead” with fan created animations and still pieces. The rules are pretty simple to be a part of the project. The submissions have to be original, black and white and be able to be synced back to the original audio. For those who don't know how to animate Mike will even work with them on the best way to present their work. If more then one version of a scene is submitted then both versions will be dubbed for the movie and fans will be allowed to vote. It’s like the presidential election all over again but this time we might see some animated hair dolls.

Right now there is no set date for the film to be finalized but the current round of submissions must be in by April 24th. From there the film will be pieced together and posted online for free viewing. A DVD version will also be available at sites like Amazon for a small free. Mike and his team will make no profit on the movie. The entire project is open and can be shared by the public as long as no one tries to take credit for other people's work. There’s even a planed screening in NYC sometime shortly after the film's completion but no date as been set for that.

So go for it kids! As Bill Cosby would say, “time to get your crayons and your pencils!” While there doesn’t seem to be any rush to complete the project it will be interesting to see the final outcome, especially if it finds its way to the big screen. You can see some examples of current submissions on the film's website and check out the first and second trailers below.


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