Nice to be aboard and have an outlet...

Good evening, good evening, please find your seats and hold all applause until the end of the performance.

First off, a hearty thank you to BGH for having me aboard and letting me stain their otherwise praise-worthy portal with my incoherent ramblings.

That said, my name is Drew, and I'm here by the grace of the internet to ruminate on the goings-on of the metal community. This could include, but is not limited to, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash, power metal, industrial, and a lot of points in between. Buyer beware, if you're looking for discussion of the blackest of black metal (Gorgoroth fans, I'm looking at you,) I may not have a lot for you.

Keep your eyes here for album reviews, concert reviews, and the occasional debate as the days move forward.

I hope only that I can entertain.

Anyway, to get things started, here's some brief tour updates:

-Metallica is starting a nationwide tour in October, tickets are largely available now. Don't be shocked if this turns into just the first leg of a larger tour. Also, The Sword is one of the bands touring with them, and if you're not on the bandwagon yet, now's your chance. They could be the best metal out of Texas since Union Underground raised their head for fifteen minutes (not a glowing endorsement, but it's something.)

-AC/DC tickets are on sale (I got mine,) and if you don't have yours yet, good luck. Many of the major dates are sold out or close to it, although more dates for Chicago, Oakland and LA have been added. I was hoping Airbourne would open on this tour in a grand torch-passing, but they seem to be in Europe until year's end.

-Soilwork has posted dates for their new tour. If you have a chance, I strongly suggest you give these guys a chance. I know classic metals purists don't favor them because their sound isn't polished, and black metal fans don't think they're fast/evil enough, but they play metal for metal's sake and since 2003, are one of the best metal acts going.

That's all for now, the Oakland Raiders are 1-2.
Live Loud.


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