Horror Headlines: Thursday October 28th, 2010

There's a brand spanking new "Skyline" clip on the tubes and it makes me wonder why this film isn't getting more buzz. Or maybe it is and I'm just out of touch. Are Go-Bots still cool? What's the hot gossip around the roller rink?

There's something scary as crap about a field of corn. Maybe it's all those "Children of the Corn" movies I watched as a kid. Or maybe it's my ungodly fear of manual labor. Whatever it is. "The Fields" looks spooky and the trailer is now up for your peepers. Watch it from the comfort of your cushy office job where you can surf the net all day.

A slew of different directors are being considered for the upcoming "Ouija" film and much to my surprise the film is actually being backed by Hasbro and Universal. And here I was thinking it was going to be some ridiculous low budget romp loosely based on a kid's game. I stand corrected, it won't be low budget at all!

15 years ago if you would of told me that someday GWAR would be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon I would have laughed in your face, and also I'd probably ask who Jimmy Fallon was. But tonight my friends dreams become reality and the Scumdogs of the Universe will take the stage. I think I might cry.

In Real People News: 

Well here's a feel good story. A mother in Alexandra Virgina has plead guilty to second degree murder after shaking her baby to death because the infant wouldn't stop crying while she was playing FarmVille. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go watch some of those ASPCA commercials again and cry myself to sleep.

And the good times keep on rolling. 15 people are dead after a gang drove up to a local car wash in Mexico City and opened fire. Which is sad but it's also interesting that it's the first time I've seen the title "Mexican Car Wash Massacre" used for a real news story. I smell a hit movie here.

On this day in history: 

1922 - Fascism came to Italy as Benito Mussolini took control of the government.


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