Horror Headlines 9/29/08

Paul W.S. Anderson is off of the adaptation of "Spy Hunter" because he's done the car thing "In every conceivable way, in every conceivable stunt, in the most spectacular practical fashion". Aww that's cute, he actually thinks "Death Race" was good! Goes to show you how far a little self delusion will take you in Hollywood.

Okay, nevermind, The zombie film Romero wants to make is actually "Diary of the Dead 2", and the way he talks about it, it sounds like it may not even get made after all. If it does though, he assures us with his synopsis that the internet will take a big part in the proceedings. Genius, take the worst and most misunderstood themes of the first film, and focus on them for the second! Seriously folks, this is just getting embarrassing at this point.

Screening dates for "My Name is Bruce"!, straight from The Chin himself. Expect one of our NYC writers to be hitting this up when it gets released.

See Jason unmasked!. Wow... just, wow. Who would have thought that the Jason in the remake would be so bad ass? And do I detect a bit of "Jason Takes Manhattan" in that makeup?

In Real People News: 

Radical Muslim cleric has a daughter who's a topless pole dancer. I don't know about you guys, but I smell the potential for some sort of wacky sitcom here!

You know, I just had a bad feeling about this free gas giveaway that was going on in my neck of the woods the other day. Guess my hunch was right!

I never thought I would utter this sentence but, this guy is the most badass dentist on EARTH. Man, wouldn't want to fuck with that guy!

I don't know about you guys, but I could read about dark matter all day long. Kind of makes me think Carpenter wasn't all that far off with "The Prince of Darkness". Okay not really, but there's your horror tie-in.

On this day in history: 

1976: At his birthday party, musician Jerry Lee Lewis accidentally shoots his bass player Norman Owens twice in the chest, trying to open a soft drink bottle with a .357 magnum. Owens survives and files a lawsuit.

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