Horror Headlines 9/24//08

Tarantino's father stars in horror Western. Thanks to Prisoner Abel with the assist on the correction.

French "Saw V" poster. Considering these are practically the McDonald's of Horror films, I wonder what the French think of the 'Saw' series?

An "American Psycho Musical sounds pretty genius to me. Plus, the book's writer Brett Easton Ellis will be serving as a Consulting Producer, so you know this rendition will be faithful to the material.

Lions Gate has acquired the distribution rights to "Train", the sort-of remake of the 80's Jamie Lee Curtis vehicle "Terror Train". World also comes down that the MPAA has given the film an NC-17 rating. Considering that there's no gratuitous David Copperfield in this version, I can't imagine what that rating could be for.

In Real People News: 

Apparently all of the hot blonds in Finland weren't enough to make them immune from school shootings. Plus, it's obvious by the story that they're not nearly as paranoid as we are, considering the fact that the police actually had the gunman in custody a day before the shootings, and let him go because they couldn't charge him with anything.

Bus stabbing in Canada. Um... maybe you guys should start taking the train... or dog sled maybe? I don't know, however it is you guys get around up there in the Great White North.

Ever wanted to know what happens when someone's asshole is literally stapled shut? Me neither, but now you know exactly what you're threatening your friends with when they won't stop dropping ass on your couch.

The problem with laying down in the street to form a human road block is this... you're made of flesh and bones. I know they were high schoolers, but isn't that like Biology 101?

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