Horror Headlines 9/19/08

I've tried to take the high road with all of this "Twilight" business. I mean, let's face it, with the exception that it has vampires in it, it's in no way a horror film. It's just dark fiction aimed at lonely women and teenagers. Sorry folks, but there's the naked truth. That said, I just wanted to shout out to my friend Wil over at Horror Yearbook, who has taken a slightly less tactful approach. Funnier, mind you, but just a tad more offensive.

"Death Call" is a Japanese movie about what happens when you call the Devil's cell phone. Just wanted to complete my daily check to see if the Japanese are making good horror again. Negative.

Owen Wilson to star in a "buddy horror comedy involving a man and a vampire". If that doesn't make you vomit in your Cheerios this morning than I have no idea what would. And just as an aside, I would have to assume that the comedy in this picture will arise from Wilson trying to get close enough to bite someone without poking their eyes out with that giant honker of his.

Despite the cliche name, "Death Stop Holocaust" looks like a sweet little tribute to 70's shockers. It also gets today's award for Indie film actually worth paying attention too. First look and stills at the link.

Some new Hi-res looks at stills from "Quarantine", the remake of the Spanish Thriller [REC] that hits theaters October 10th. And it's official, I have a crush on Jennifer Carpenter. Looks like I really do have to jump on that "Dexter" train I keep hearing so much about.

No sooner does Tor bring up the 70's Eurotrash film "Who Can Kill a Child", than word comes down that it's being remade by Filmax International, the Spanish company who produced "Beyond Reanimator" a few years back. For a synopsis of the film (being retitled to "In the Playground"), click on the first link and check out Tor's blog.

In Real People News: 

Italian hookers to start dressing up like nuns. Well, with the Jesus obsession over there I guess this doesn't sound as far fetched as you might think.

Man stabs his brother over hot pocket. In a related story, when I got my first apartment out of college I was so poor that I lived off these things for months. The result was the worst illness that I've ever had, that actually required the antibiotics used for ANTHRAX VICTIMS to cure. So ya, that happened.

If you're a 16 year old plotting to blow up your school, you might want to keep the "I Love Explosives" bumper sticker under wraps. Just sayin...

On this day in history: 

1692: 80-year-old farmer Giles Cory is pressed under stones in Salem, Massachusetts because he refused to enter a plea for the charge of witchcraft. More and more weight was stacked upon Cory, until his death two days later. According to one eyewitness account: "in pressing, his tongue being pressed out of his mouth, the sheriff with his cane forced it in again."

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