Horror Headlines: Thursday September 16th, 2010

Alright this one is pretty exciting. Carl Ellsworth has signed on to write a live action in your face version of "Goosebumps". For those of you who don't remember the original "Goosebumps" TV series back in the 90's it was fairly awesome and scared my over sized teenage boxers off.

"Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night" is an actual movie apparently and is currently in development. Sounds ridiculous I know but it's given me a great idea for a movie called "Paranormal Activity: New Jersey Nights". It will just be a video of me sitting in my living room, playing Call of Duty and shoving Cheetos into my mouth for two hours. You'll laugh and you'll cry... mostly cry.

In Real People News: 

Police in Michigan are on the look out for a man who robbed a convenience store wearing a Darth Vader mask. He was only wearing the mask? Not the entire outfit? You deserve to go to jail for half-assing this whole thing buddy.

On this day in history: 

1776 - British forces occupied New York City during the American Revolution.


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