Horror Headlines 9/3/08

Jason Mewes says he doesn't really know what's going on with Kevin Smith's horror film to be "Red State", except that he will be casting all unknown actors in the roles. It doesn't surprise me all that much that Mewes would not have "any idea" what's going on, but it does surprise me that State's been stuck in development hell since the Weinstein's passed on it last year. Will Smith ever cross genres and be successful? We'll just have to wait and see.

Apparently Mark Millar has raised 70 million to make the film based on his comic book "Kick Ass", starring Nicholas Cage. He was having trouble getting studios to pay attention because of the over the top violence, so instead he decided to go off on his own and get in touch with some rich friends of his for funding. So, we shall be seeing "Kick Ass" in all of it's uncensored glory. Excuse the pun, but that sounds pretty kickass to me.

Two documentaries pimping the HBO Vampire series "True Blood" will air this Saturday. The faux documentaries are more in the series of very self aware marketing campaigns they've been pursuing for this show. The debut is the next day, Sunday September 7th at 9pm.

Looking for a place to submit your short horror film too? Than Dance Macabre might be right up your alley. More info at the link.

In Real People News: 

Viagara turns 80 year old man into a crazed sex fiend and abuser. Plus, he had a shotgun. There's your short horror film story right there.

People are making money in Bangladesh by sifting for gold in sewer water, just like they used to in San Fransisco back in the day (except you know... without all the shit). Just remember that the next time someone says "it can't get any worse". Are you sifting gold out of shit water? No? Then yes my friend, it can definitely get worse.

Man says wife screamed as she fell off of cliff by accident, doctors say she couldn't have because her neck was already broken when she fell, man says "it must have been an angel I heard then". Airtight alibi if you ask me, AIR TIGHT.

Finally, the secret to Canada's listeria outbreak comes to light. And yes, it's actually more vomit inducing than I had imagined.

On this day in history: 

1969: Ho Chi Minh dies of heart failure in Hanoi, Vietnam. He had asked to be cremated and his ashes buried on three hilltops. Contrary to his express wishes, Uncle Ho is embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum just like Lenin's.

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