Horror Headlines 8/29/08

Between the rousing speeches and heated debates, yesterday was quite the eventful day. if you're looking for some more action this Friday, don't forget that Vin Diesel's "Babylon A.D." opens wide (lol). Of course, you may want to wait for the "director's cut", since Matieu Kassovitz claims that FOX cut all the story out of the film and hacked it down to PG-13, but there may be some mindless fun in there anyways. You know, if that's your thing.

Here's the trailer for "Max Payne", starring Mark Wahlberg that I saw in front of "Mirrors" last week. It has some alright moments but overall, I'm kind of voting that it's going to be hilariously bad.

The site for Ed Sanchez's "7th Moon" has gone live. Lots of creepy goodies to check out, so what are you waiting for! The film makes it's debut September 20th at the Austin, Texas FANTASTIC FEST at 10pm.

The directors of "Jonah Hex" have decided to go in a different direction and have passed on Thomas Jane as the titular character, who had been lobbying hard to land the role for some time now. The explanation is vague, but sort of sounds like they're breaking up with him. "It's not you", they assured Jane, "it's us".

Tons of new stuff over at the Myspace for Dante Tomaselli's "Torture Chamber", including synopsis, artwork, and a host of storyboards from the film. "Satan's Playground" didn't exactly live up to expectations for me, but I still consider "Horror" one of the creepiest indie horror films I've ever seen, so I have high hopes for Tomaselli's next project.

The director of "House of Sand and Fog" to direct long rumored "Poltergeist" remake?. I'm calling shenanigans on this one until we find out if it's a rumor or not.

In Real People News: 

As far as the list of things I didn't want to read about this morning goes, blowjob guards for old people with dentures is easily at the top. Jesus christ I'm glad I finished breakfast before I read that.

David Duchovny has entered rehab for a sex addiction. Kind of makes all that "X-Files" tension even more interesting. Or of course, his sex obsessed character on Californication (if anyone watched that show, that is).

The hearing to determine whether or not a convicted man got a fair trial is scheduled for two days after his execution. Guess where this happened... not Florida this time! Nope, it's actually the 2nd smartest state in the union, good ole Texas. Home of fat people, George W. Bush, and drive through executions. You should be so proud.

On this day in history: 

1994: The Orange County Register breaks the story that China has been harvesting organs from executed prisoners prior to their executions. What's more, executions are scheduled according to organ transplant priorities. God damn China, that's cold hearted even for you guys.

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