Horror Headlines: Wednesday August 10th, 2011

Antonio Banderas stars in "The Skin I Live In", Pedro Almodovar's upcoming foray into horror. Banderas plays a plastic surgeon who begins working on developing a synthetic skin after his wife is horrifically burned. Like any mad scientist, he's going to need an accomplice, no morals and a human guinea pig. "The Skin I Live In" will debut at TIFF next month and will go into limited release on October 7. Here are some clips, including one of Antonio Banderas hosing down some guy.

Here's a new trailer for "Apollo 18" which the Weinsteins claim is going to come out September 2nd, like seriously for real this time. That means you've got just under a month to prepare yourself for all of those "I never saw Apollo 14-17" jokes that are inevitably going to be made.

In your obligatory daily "World War Z" update, the zombie film to end all zombie films (we can only hope) has a release date. It's going to be a very zombie Christmas in 2012 because "WWZ" is set to drop on December 21. What's more, we've even got some new images of Brad Pitt as UN officer Gerry Lane.

Good news if you're a crotchety old horror fan like me who used to scour the back aisles of dusty mom and pop video stores. Shout Factory is releasing a double-feature DVD of "Bad Dreams" and "Visiting Hours", two semi-forgotten 80's VHS classics. "Bad Dreams" is about the sole survivor of a hippy cult mass suicide who finds her (badly burned) past coming back to haunt her, and "Visiting Hours" follows Michael Ironside on a slasher spree inside a hospital.

In Real People News: 

In Swaziland a man killed his friend and then sliced a piece off of his back, grilled it and ate it. Police arrived as the man was still munching on the human flesh and he complained that he had not cooked it through all the way and it was chewier than he expected. Apparently the lesson here is, if you're going to break the ultimate taboo and resort to cannibalism, make sure you cook it properly.

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