Horror Headlines 7/21/08

Pics from Sam Raimi's "Drag me to Hell", his supernatural thriller starring Allison Lohman that's currently in production.

Roland Kickinger, who you may remember from Howard Stern's "Son of the Beach", will take over Arnie's role as the T-800 in Terminator Salvation. If you follow the link, you'll see that old Roland is the spitting image of the Govenator, so this is really interesting casting news. I guess sort of looking like that other guy has turned out to be a great career move for the Austrian, who has even won some of the same bodybuilding awards as Arnold.

And while we're at it, Here's the first pic of Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation. I guess now that "Dark Knight" has opened, this will take it's spot in the overwhelming marketing campaign department.

The first pics from "Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds". The first film pretty much rocked my world, so I'm willing to give this one a chance, at least until it proves me wrong.

Here's a better look at that Jason Voorhees pic from Friday. Now that we can see it in hi-res, I can confirm that he's not a shirtless dude in a fur coat, so consider me less skeptical than I was three days ago.

Shocker, Neve Campbell is the only reason that a "Scream 4" is being held up. Really though, can you blame her?

In Real People News: 

Try to follow me on this one folks. a former Power Ranger attempted to saw his penis off in jail with a razor blade, while awaiting to face charges of being a pirate. Man, never in my whole life could I have put those three things together without the internet. Thank you world wide web!

Just when you think that Knife technology has gone as far as it can, leave it to my fellow Americans to prove me wrong. Apparently we've invented a "Wasp Knife", that can inject a ball of compressed gas into it's victim that instantly freezes internal organs. Jeeze, let's hope the joker doesn't get wind of this news.

Another Monday, another real life re-enactment of the movie "Inside". I would definitely finish your eggs before you read this story.

On this day in history: 

365: Earthquake destroys the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, causing the sea to recede and then re-enter the city with tremendous force. Many of those not killed by collapsing buildings were drowned. Fifty thousand die.

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