Horror Headlines 9/17/08

So, admittedly, the teaser trailer for "Terminator Salvation" does look pretty sweet. Also, casting Christian Bale really gives this film a heck of a better chance of being good. That said, I still can't ignore the whole "directed by McG" thing, so consider my feelings on this project to be "cautiously interested".

"The Mummy: Tomb of Brendan Frasier's Career" has been approved by the Chinese government to play there after a handful of small cuts were requested. Well THANK GOD for that, I was worried there for a second. And so begins our covert plan to take down the Chinese government with awful action movies.

I hesitate to do this, for fear of site reader Tanya's safety, but FOX is holding a fan celebration at the premiere of "X-Files 2: I Want to Believe", on July 23rd at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. If you do attend, don't forget your trample proof suit. Those X-Philes are a pretty dedicated bunch.

"Resident Evil: Degeneration" official site launched. Degeneration, as you may remember, is a fully CGI film from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film will go direct to video at some point. Right now the site sports a production blog, trailer, and a few other things.

In Real People News: 

Actor and sort of comedian Andy Dick was arrested yesterday, and took one of the greatest mugshots ever. The charges? Well he did have some drugs on him, and groping a 17 year old girl probably didn't help his case either... all outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings. That's really depressing, even for Andy Dick.

Define irony. A gene that has adapted to make African people more resistant to Malaria, makes them more susceptible to AIDS. Well now, that's a hell of a choice, isn't it?

On this day in history: 

1918: With counter-revolutionary forces advancing steadily on the city, the Bolsheviks holding captive Czar Nicholas II invite him and his family into the basement for a portrait. The Romanovs and their servants, expecting a photography session, wind up on the business end of a firing squad. Their bodies are dragged outside and buried in an unmarked mass grave.

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