Horror Headlines 7/14/08

If you're going to be at Comic-Con coming up, good news. Michael C. Hall and Julie Benz of "Dexter" fame will be attending. Just don't get on Hall's bad side, we've all seen how he deals with confrontation.

Holy crap, check out the trailer for "Outlander". The film follows what happens when an alien and a fierce beast crash land in Ancient Norway, and stars John Hurt, Jim Caviezal and Ron Perlman. This project appeals to both the alien believer and history nerd in me, so count me in. No release date for the US has been set as of this time.

The Chinese government is demanding cuts made to "Mummy 3" or it will not be released there this summer... and they continue their streak as one of the biggest enemies to free speech in the world.

"X-Files 2" is just two weeks away now, and in celebration of the release DC comics will be releasing "X-Files: Issue 0" in comic book form. Head on over to the link at EW to check out a few pages from the release.

In Real People News: 

I've been sitting on this story all weekend, so it's now my pleasure to inform you that not only did Elvira lose her virginity to Welsh singer Tom Jones, but she had to get stitches afterward, because you know, he's got huge junk. You just can't make this stuff up folks.

Apparently if you tell someone you're gay in Italy, you have to take your driver's test over or risk having your license taken away. This story was so confusing I had to double check to make sure it didn't happen in Florida.

Wooly Mammoths used to eat their own poop. Gross... kind of ruins the majesty doesn't it?

Archeologists discover ancient Greek sex curse. Inscription reads, "may your penis hurt when you make love". Underneath that it also said, "fat chicks need lovin too, but they gotta pay". Okay just kidding, it didn't say that, but it would have been sweet if it did.

On this day in history: 

1966: Richard Speck slaughters eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital. For a more detailed assessment of the case, check out my article in Issue #8 of Horror Hound Magazine.

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