Horror Headlines 7/3/08

Val Kilmer has joined the cast of "Silver", a film about what happens when a young man has an out of body experience and risks losing his life forever. This is normally the part where I make a joke about how Kilmer is washed up, but I read someone say once that he walks around all day with Batman's utility belt filled with donuts, and I can't possibly think of anything funnier than that. So, there you go.

"Repo: A Genetic Opera", Darren Lynn Bousman's horror/rock/musical, will be released LIMITED on November 7th. The film is set in the future at a time where organs are loaned to people instead of given, and if they don't keep up with the payments a Repo-man gets sent after them. Lions Gate has been dilly dallying with this release date for a while now, so let's hope this one sticks.

Red-band trailer for "Asylum", a stalk and slash flick from David R. Ellis ("Final Destination 2", "Snakes on a Plane") which hits DVD July 15th.

I can't believe I haven't heard of "Eden Lake" yet. It's essentially a film about a UK couple who go on a camping trip, whose lives are shattered when their camp is encircled by out of control youths hellbent on violence and destruction. The film is already proving controversial, mainly because it is addressing a real life issue in the UK; youth gangs filled with feral children who are apparently wreaking havoc on the country. Sounds pretty creepy to me. Stills and poster at the link.

In Real People News: 

A 74 year old woman plowed her car through the front of a convenience store in LA last weekend, then got out and tried to buy a six-pack of Budweiser. I'm not sure why, but this is the most inspiring thing I've heard all week. I also find it strange she only went for a six-pack. Assuming she was trashed, that shows an enormous amount of restraint on her part.

Researchers in Poland are in trouble after using homeless people to test a controversial Bird-Flu vaccine. What? That sounds reasonable to me. That whole "screen door in a submarine" thing may not have worked out, but these guys may be on to something here.

Muslims in Scotland are up in arms about a local police ad which features an adorable puppy sitting in a police man's hat. They're pissed because in Islam, dogs are considered ritually "unclean", and some shop owners are refusing to display the ad. First freedom and now puppies? These guys have gone too far.

On this day in history: 

1971: Jim Morrison is found dead of an apparent heart attack in his Paris apartment bathtub. This on the same day that Val Kilmer decided to climb out from under a rock. Coincidence?. I think not.

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